Charm in a Akagi shrine and Mizuhiki strings

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There are feature-like charm and Mizuhiki strings in a Akagi shrine.

< charm>
A charm receives the help of the God, and is something always to put on. The charm I deified for one year is put in a shrine in the annual end of the year, and you burn and you do giving. And when a new year starts, I put on a new charm. But, even if I put it on, there are no problems until a wish comes true.

* Onitarou's charm of GEGEGE
It's a cartoon work for Mizuki who has a famous cartoonist by himself in Japan to grow thick "Onitarou of GEGEGE". The black which is Onitarou's trademark of a main character and a yellow padded sleeveless coat are a motif for this charm. When a television and a movie were animated, Mizuki who could come to the Akagi shrine by popular safe prayer flourished, but I designed personally. The meaning that Onitarou's padded sleeveless coat protects itself against misfortune Tsugami who is the God who causes an accident and a misfortune (Oh, but it's grasped.) is included among a charm.

* Charm of my eye father
An eye father of Onitarou's father is very erudite and supports Onitarou with many situations. The meaning to tell for prospects for ahead of the person who has this charm to become good from the character design of the big eye is included.

< Mizuhiki strings>
By the meaning of the seal to say after all Mizuhiki strings are the string made of paper with which wrapping paper of presents is tied, and that it's unopened and Japan where a talisman is significant, a celebration and, bereavement visits and is used for in general of presents, but on the presumption that it's untied like Western wrapping and ribbon, it isn't being done. When it sails up an origin, the old days are culture from China, Japan, personal, Iida-shi, Nagano changes the shape, and learns a process as warrior's side job and creates a paper cord for tying the hair (the string which binds warrior's hair) in the Edo Period, and is made a first, and it's left for the topknot of the sumo wrestling at present.

This matchmaking of Mizuhiki strings is BURESURETTOMISANGA which prayed the good match from a deity in a Akagi shrine and designed using the color of 12 according to the sexagenary cycle. Because it's difficult to say an ear shell knot and untie a knot, a knot of Mizuhiki strings means associating for long. When expectation is included and it's wound on an arm, and it breaks naturally, women in Iida-shi, Nagano said that which is granted are a of completed traditional arts and crafts for the expectation.