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Blended with the highest grade of Dominican Republic "AAA" nurtured in the sunshine of the Caribbean Sea. It features a sweet and mellow taste.

Creme brulee goes well with "CARIBBEAN SUNSHINE BLEND", which has a pear or fig flavor and a roasted tea-like flavor and a refreshing mouthfeel. By matching the sweetness and fragrance of each other, you can enjoy a higher quality taste.

Located in the eastern part of Hispaniola island in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic is a country rich in nature.
In the western part of Barahona, an area of 1,000m to 1,500m above sea level, the soil is good and small coffee farms are scattered.
Coffee trees are cultivated along with shade trees to create shade to soften the strong Caribbean sunshine.
The harvested coffee undergoes the sorting process many times, and the ripe large grains are carefully selected to become the highest grade "AAA".

"Hills Harmonious" is a blended coffee series that is full of individuality and harmonious, using 100% of high-quality Arabica beans collected from coffee producing regions around the world. Using 30% of coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms, it also contributes to the protection of rainforests and the improvement of the living environment of people working on coffee farms. The Harmonious series has a total of 9 types.