Yunnan coffee blend

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The "YUNNAN COFFEE " paid much attention at an international market
The one by which a Christian missionary brought a plant in for his drinking about 100 years ago is made an origin, and it's said that the coffee cultivation in China was transmitted to Yunnan Ministry in 1908, the thing by which it's these about 20 years that real cultivation has started. But such as the quality of the entry in a cafe with foreign capital affiliate and the coffee which can be put in China and the interest to the coffee are that I rose on leaps and bounds in recent years, and the production, import volume, the consumption and the number of stores in a cafe coffee shop extend a Chinese coffee market remarkably, big attention is also attracted internationally.
Using the good coffee by which YCE (the Yunnan International Coffee Exchange: Yunnan international coffee trade center) did buying for the Yunnan coffee used in a blend, when, the faint sour taste and the taste which has the mellow good body can be enjoyed. YCE sets up the original standard of dealings, it's small in scale, such as connecting a trading company with the farmer growing coffee of high quality, the relation between the Chinese coffee market and the international coffee market is being made and improvement of coffee industry and further success of Yunnan Ministry are being supported.

Coffee Appraiser Naomi Nakahira is than oneself.
"Like fragrance of the roast nuts and a herb, the shelf flavor is refreshed and recommends mugwort rice cake and kashiwa-mochi to the "YUNNAN COFFEE BLEND"which melts together. The simple flavor mutual has is to side, and pleasanter gusto can enjoy itself."

The (Harmonious) blended coffee series which was in harmony by whether "HILLS HARMONIOUS" was very unique who used the ARABIKA beans excellent in quality they were gathered from a coffee producing center of the world 100 %. I use coffee made in the rain forest alliance authentication farm which is an international environmental protection group 30 % and also contribute to protection in a rain forest and improvement of life environment of the people who work for a coffee plantation. The line-up of the harmonious series is all 8 kinds.

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