[Modern Times Aojiru Café Latte 12g x 5P” ]

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Make a new habit of enjoying delicious aojiru and coffee.
In recent years, delicious and easy-to-drink aojiru (green juice) products containing fruits or soy milk have increased along with the demand among young people.
With the aim of expanding both the aojiru market and the 3-in-1 coffee market, a brand new, never-before created aojiru flavor was born.

"Modern Times Aojiru Café Latte" is a delicious instant powdered product, made with organic green barley mixed with milk, which forms a mellow mouthfeel, and also contains coffee to soften the taste.
The secret ingredient of coffee masks the distinct aroma and flavor of aojiru, making it very easy to drink and creating a refreshing feel. It is recommended for people who dislike aojiru or those who have never tried aojiru before.
It contains dietary fiber, a nutrition many people lack in their daily diet, and 1 serving is only 55 kcal. With its moderately sweet taste, it can be enjoyed during afternoon breaks, in between work, or when replenishing sugar is needed to relax. It dissolves not only in hot water, but in regular water as well, making it easy to enjoy the refreshing taste of aojiru café late in the summer with “Modern Times Aojiru Café Latte”.
※Each serving (12g) contains 0.47g of dietary fiber

[Product information]

[Product information]

Ingredients : Sugar (domestic production), Creaming powder (starch syrup, vegetable fat, skim milk, milk protein), Barley young leaf powder, Isomalt dextrin, Instant coffee, Salt / pH adjusters, Emulsifier, (Contains milk component in part)

Nutrition Facts (12g): Energy 55kcal, Protein 0.23g, Fat 1.9g, Carbohydrate 9.4g (glucide 8.9g, dietary fiber 0.47g), Salt equivalent 0.12g

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