The “WOMEN’S COFFEE” supports female employment and social actions.
The coffee is a blend from IWCA participating coffee farms in Honduras, a well-known coffee producing country.
Fruity acidity and a sweet taste can be enjoyed.
IWCA is the abbreviation of International Women’s Coffee Alliance, which serves to improve the production methods of coffee and while also continuing to realize the possible social status of the participating women. It was established in Costa Rica in 2003, and the non-profit organization’s headquarters is currently located in New York.
IWCA teaches women in coffee production techniques, leadership training, the sharing and exchanging of information between other female groups to better improve each other’s productivity, and lastly a system to collect funds towards the health and education of children, and also supporting the improvements of living conditions.
In addition, 0.5% of the sales from this product is donated to “IWCA”, supporting the activities of the organization.

Coffee Appraiser Naomi Nakahira is than oneself.
"The flavor like the pear and the taste like the milk chocolate recommend a cooky and a milk chocolate to "HONDURAS WOMEN'S COFFEE BLEND" of the feature. The creamy and deep taste can be enjoyed."

The (Harmonious) blended coffee series which was in harmony by whether"HILLS HARMONIOUS " was very unique Yutaka who used the ARABIKA beans excellent in quality they were gathered from a coffee producing center of the world 100 %. I use coffee made in the rain forest alliance authentication farm which is an international environmental protection group 30 % and also contribute to protection in a rain forest and improvement of life environment of the people who work for a coffee plantation. The line-up of the harmonious series is all 8 kinds.

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