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Favor "PERU MACHUPICCHU" coffee from Incaic Empire
Coffee producing country Peru of the 8th place of world. The Cusco area where the Incaic Empire age is metropolitan is also learned about as a stoop in remains in the state Incaic Empire in the Andes civilization oldest made a ridge of altitude 2,400m "MACHUPICCHU". The name of the "Machu Picchu" remains where the one grown at Cusco prefecture is also very popular as a tourist spot with this Cusco area, the "PERU MACHUPICCHU" coffee which put on a crown. It's grown at a mountain of altitude 1,700-2,400m, the coffee which was particular, and made such as not using chemical fertilizer at all, using only the organic fertilizer and using the thaw water springing from the Andes of the altitude 5,000m order by a process of refinement, the Peruvian best grade "G1". The abundant body and the sweetness like the dry prune can be enjoyed by using this coffee in a blend.

Coffee Appraiser Naomi Nakahira is than oneself.
"The financier which used butter much in "PERU MACHUPICCHU BLEND" and the madeleine by which the sweetness like the caramel and the body are felt match the flavor of the caramel and the cinnamon and an aftertaste well. The taste abundant in financier and a madeleine spreads more by mixing with smooth coffee per the mouth."

The (Harmonious) blended coffee series which was in harmony by whether "HILLS HARMONIOUS" was very unique who used the ARABIKA beans excellent in quality they were gathered from a coffee producing center of the world 100 %. I use coffee made in the rain forest alliance authentication farm which is an international environmental protection group 30 % and also contribute to protection in a rain forest and improvement of life environment of the people who work for a coffee plantation. The line-up of the harmonious series is all 8 kinds.

How to make tea the paper drip coffee a UCC group will recommend is this. ※ An animation is multi-lingual non-correspondence.