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Hawaiian most high-quality "HAWAII KONA" coffee
"HAWAII KONA" general term of coffee of ARABIKA kind which is grown in the Kona coffee area where coffee is the west side of the Hawaii Islands. Because for drainage to include mineral much well, the Kona coffee area where I undergo influence of volcanic ash is the ground excellent in quality which had complete set of the condition suitable for coffee cultivation, so grown coffee wins popularity as quite high-quality coffee. Coffee is grown at Maui, Oahu and Kauai besides the Hawaii Islands, but because the coffee grown in the Kona coffee area is of high quality in particular, and scarcity value also has high production little, it's also famous coffee worldwide. Even if it's grown in the Kona coffee area, something with a lot of percentages of the fault beans is called Hawaiian coffee, and only the one which doesn't have many percentages of the fault beans is called HAWAII KONA.
It's possible to be to use high-quality HAWAII KONA coffee in a blend and enjoy the refreshing sour taste, the soft body and the smooth taste.

Coffee Appraiser Naomi Nakahira is than oneself.
"The soft sour taste like the peach and the cherry, the pleasant sweetness and the creamy taste match the sweetness and the cream Suites Hotel Mara Sada of a cream puff and Hawaii has very well in "HAWAII KONA BLEND" of the feature. More each brings out the feature I have, and the taste more excellent in quality can be enjoyed."

The (Harmonious) blended coffee series which was in harmony by whether "HILLS HARMONIOUS" was very unique who used the ARABIKA beans excellent in quality they were gathered from a coffee producing center of the world 100 %. I use coffee made in the rain forest alliance authentication farm which is an international environmental protection group 30 % and also contribute to protection in a rain forest and improvement of life environment of the people who work for a coffee plantation. The line-up of the harmonious series is all 8 kinds.

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