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Coffee king "BLUE MOUNTAIN" coffee
It's mellow with the graceful fragrance, to taste, more, the Jamaican "BLUE MOUNTAIN" coffee which has been called "king of coffee" and loved by many coffee fans. To put on a crown permits the name of "BLUE MOUNTAIN" only in the good coffee you managed and grew strictly in the area where the Blue Mountain coffee cordillera in Jamaica island east was limited, and its production is negligible. "BLUE MOUNTAIN" but deep fog often generates a produced area by its mountain temper, and this fog is the direct sunlight is eased and the temperature difference is to be born, and a fruit of coffee is tightened, and to make them mature carefully, and good coffee with steady sweets is finished.
Because you can balance mellow taste, sour taste, sweetness and bitterness with the graceful fragrance brought by deep fog exquisitely, the taste to which tiredness doesn't come can be enjoyed.

Coffee Appraiser Naomi Nakahira is than oneself.
"The well-balanced taste recommends red bean jelly and a Japanese confection with adzuki beans to "BLUE MOUNTAIN BLEND" of the feature by the fruity sour taste like the pear and the papaya and the mellow taste. The quality of the reciprocal easy sweetness I have and taste rises more, and it's possible to enjoy coffee time on one ranks.".

The (Harmonious) blended coffee series which was in harmony by whether "HILLS HARMONIOUS" was very unique who used the ARABIKA beans excellent in quality they were gathered from a coffee producing center of the world 100 %. I use coffee made in the rain forest alliance authentication farm which is an international environmental protection group 30 % and also contribute to protection in a rain forest and improvement of life environment of the people who work for a coffee plantation. The line-up of the harmonious series is all 8 kinds.

How to make tea the paper drip coffee a UCC group will recommend is this. ※ An animation is multi-lingual non-correspondence.